Sandokan is a brush script font with a character and morphology that nears Oriental calligraphy, Art Nouveau typefaces, psychedelic “flower power” fonts from the Sixties and Tuscan poster fonts from the 19th century. Its main features are the high contrast between thick and thin strokes and the extreme slanted angle in the typewriter imprints, creating inverse shadowing. the letter set is further accentuated by exotic decorative details and the often unusual connectors between small letters.
The typeface supports all languages using the universal Latin character set. Sandokan is a slightly sweetened cultural cocktail. as such it looks best on everything that needs to come across as exotic and rather solid but unmistakeably eccentric - such as labels and packaging on exotic delicacies or circus posters.

Matyáš Machat
Specials: small capitals, swashes, alternates, ligatures
687 Glyphs per Style
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